English in the City

Explore your chosen destination while learning English


Get outdoors and learn English while experiencing the city

Experience your chosen destination through its language. English in the City combines 20 lessons of General English with 10 lessons focused on language study inspired by your destination, for a complete intensive experience that is tailored to you and your personal reasons for learning.

This dynamic course is your gateway to practical use of English.

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English in the City

English opens many doors in life and can be your route to a successful future. 

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Real immersion

Get outdoors and learn English while directly experiencing the sights and spirit of your chosen destination. This is a unique, natural and authentic way to use and improve your English. Practise your English with local people in real situations.

Core English

This course builds your General English skills, and focuses on the language you will need in everyday situations. So in future, wherever you are, you will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently. Improve your speaking, listening and writing.

Special focus

You will spend one lesson each week outside of the classroom with your class, visiting places of interest and engaging in activities in the local area.

Themed Lessons

Structured classroom study will also support each theme, with themes changing weekly. These could include: 'Business English - Tours of Local Businesses', 'Describing Art & Culture - Museum Tours', and 'Talk like a Local - Neighbourhood Visits'.

Take this course if:

You want to interact in your host city and learn outside of the classroom

You want to learn about the local culture and history

You are interested in learning English for everyday situations

Available: All year

Lesson length: 45 minutes

Lessons per week: 20 General English + 10 English in the City

Hours per week: 22.5

Minimum length: 1 week

Starts: every Monday

Level: Beginner to Advanced

The EC Promise and what it means to you

Here at EC, our aim is simple. We’re here to help you reach the English level you choose. We provide the education, learning environment and social programme you need to make the progress you’re capable of. Our unique EC Promise means that, as long as you follow your personalised learning programme, we guarantee/promise that your English will improve.

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Real Outcomes

We believe in giving our students the knowledge and tools they want and need to thrive, be it academically or professionally. With continuous guidance, monitored progress, and optimised learning through EC Online, your success is guaranteed.

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