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Canada and USA Reopening

Return to School Guidelines

We are thrilled to announce that all our English schools Canada and the USA are in the process of reopening. The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remains our highest priority, these are the safety guidelines we have put in place.

Guiding principles

• The safety of our students and team members remains our highest priority
• Signs posted prominently throughout the school to remind all of the importance of distancing and hygiene
• Floor markings throughout the school give clear guidance on social distancing measurements
• Vigorous and regular cleaning regimes are in place to make our schools as safe as possible for you
• Hand sanitisers are stationed throughout the school
• Students’ temperatures are checked upon entering the schools
• Staff and students are told not to come to campus if suffering symptoms
• EC will follow local protocols for students who show COVID-19 symptoms and who test positive for COVID-19

Common areas

• We strongly recommend students bring food for break time and not leave at break time
• Students can eat in their classroom 'bubble' to minimise contact with other classes
• There are no facilities with which to buy, store or heat up food
• The computer lab is not available to students
• We strongly recommend students bring their own laptop as well as their phone to access online materials in class
• There is a vacant bathroom sign that students will need to adjust when using the bathroom so only 1 person can access the
washroom at one time. A hand sanitiser dispenser is placed outside the restroom
• Where possible elevators are used only for deliveries or those affected by disabilities and health issues – stairwells should be used by all others. Where possible, stairwells will be dedicated – one for up / entering and one for down / exiting
• Students will have access to virtual office hours and meetings in the office will be by appointment only, limited to one student at a time.
• Only virtual events and activities will be offered until social distancing restrictions are lifted

Class management and timetables

• The timetable is blended and incorporates both face-to-face and online lessons*
• Face-to-face classes may have staggered start, break, and end times
• Face-to-face class sizes are kept to an average of 8 students
• Furniture is arranged to allow safe distancing
• Floor markings provide guidance for social distancing measures
• Students receive their own coursebook, however no shared resources are available in classrooms
• Students are required to bring their own writing materials and notebooks
• Students are required to always wear a mask indoors
• All placement and progress assessments, induction and graduation will be done virtually
• No in-person trial classes will be conducted at this time

Personal protective equipment

• Team members, including teachers will wear face coverings and other items of PPE
• Team members temperatures will be checked every day
• Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are available in every classroom, reception, student areas and offices


• Schools are cleaned regularly with specific attention to door handles, keyboards, switches and buttons

Student Services

• Protective screens will be installed at key points across the School
• We will only accept cashless payments

Public Transportation

• When using any form of public transportation in Canada you will be required to wear a face covering

*Temporary measure put in place due to COVID 19 and are subject to change

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