Find Your Inspiration. Find Your Motivation. Find Your Vision.




Where is your place in the world?

Where do you want to be?

We will give you the confidence to get there.

We will push you to expand your horizons, to find your focus, find your drive and find your voice.

Find Your Inspiration

We inspire our students, just like you, every day. We empower, share knowledge and create success.


Our Inspiration for you

✓ 16 locations - destinations that will inspire you

✓ Nationality mix - gain a global perspective in our international classrooms

✓ National Geographic Learning - resources and textbooks that bring the world to your classroom and the classroom to life

Find Your Motivation

Everyone you meet on your amazing journey helps to shape who we are now and into the future. With a positive mindset, you’ll keep moving forward.


Our Motivation for you

✓ EC Online - track your progress in real time

✓ Placement test - mark the start of your journey

✓ Daily lessons - clear lesson objectives with real-life applications

Find Your Vision

We believe in you and your limitless potential. We celebrate and nurture your achievements and embrace every challenge along the way.


Our Vision for you

EC Promise - we guarantee your progress. We promise you will improve.

✓ Placement & Progress tests - see where you started and how far you have come

✓ Courses - designed to really improve your English, whatever your goal

It’s time to grow and expand your horizons. Join us now to start your journey.

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