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Erasmus+ English Courses in Dublin Erasmus+ for teachers

Improve your English in Dublin

Choose to learn English in Dublin on your Erasmus programme. Every year we help thousands of students improve their English and reach their goals. What's your English goal? We'll give you the support and confidence to get there. We will push you to expand your horizons, to find your focus, find your drive and find your voice.

Why Choose EC Dublin

Located in the heart of Portobello area

30+ school also available for students aged 30 and above

✓  Free English language activities and workshops

✓  Social and cultural programme

✓  CV Clinic, where you can bring in your CV for review

✓  Welcome event

EC Dublin English School
Learn English in Dublin

Erasmus English Courses

 20 lessons per week (15 hours)
 24 lessons per week (18 hours)
 26 lessons per week (19.5 hours)
 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours)
 Class size: 10 average
✓ International classes
✓ National Geographic Learning textbooks
✓ Minimum stay: 1 week

Your Learning Journey

When you choose to learn English with EC your experience starts before you even arrive. Find out more about what to expect as an EC stududent.

Your Progress

We know how important it is for students to see their progress. Our systems ensure you have the time and information to discuss your progress with your teachers.

Practical Homework Tasks: your teachers will give you homework tasks that give you the opportunity to practise what you’ve learnt outside the classroom so you can see exactly how well you’re progressing.

Weekly Scores: each week your teacher will give you scores on your speaking, homework, and participation and motivation. These can be accessed through MyEC and discussed during Feedback Friday.

Feedback Friday: on Friday, your teacher will revise and consolidate the week’s learning. You will practise what you’ve learnt and receive feedback from your teacher and your classmates on your progress.



Weekly Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00–10:30   General English   General English  
10:30–10:45 15 minute break
10:45–12:15   General English   General English  
12:15–13:00 45 minute break
13:00–14:30 Special Focus Class 1 Special Focus Class 2 Special Focus Class 1 Special Focus Class 2 Special Focus Class 1
14:30–14:45 15 minute break
14:45–16:15 General English   General English   General English
16:15–16:30 15 minute break
16:30–18:00 General English   General English   General English

Special Focus Classes

In your Special Focus Class (SFC), you can choose to focus on specific areas, depending on your needs. Our academic management teams can advise you on which SFC would best meet your specific needs upon arrival. Possible SFCs are:

Speaking with Confidence
Learn the skills and language needed to communicate confidently in a range of situations.

Grammar for Real Communication
Learn to use a range of grammar points together in a single conversation. Activate or revise the language you have studied before.

English for Work
Learn the skills and language needed to be successful in an international workplace.

Expand your Vocabulary
Learn topic-based lexis and practising using it in common conversations.

Exam Skills
Learn the skills and language needed to be successful in your chosen high-stakes exam (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL).

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