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EC x FutureLearn EC San Diego

EC x FutureLearn in San Diego offers a transformative learning experience, blending EC's immersive English language courses with FutureLearn's diverse online educational offerings. This programme is for everyone, regardless of your learning goals. Whether your focus is business, technology, creativity, or gaining a deeper understanding of the English language, EC x FutureLearn in San Diego presents a unique opportunity to achieve personal and professional growth in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

San Diego, known for its laid-back atmosphere and cultural richness, provides an ideal setting for English learners to explore new academic and professional pathways.

Heather Giammona

Centre Director
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Why choose FutureLearn

FutureLearn allows learners to unlock highly skilled new career paths and empower themselves to change the world.

Why do FutureLearn with EC

Combining your language learning with FutureLearn and EC support enables you to get the very best of both worlds – great English language lessons and access to your future with the support and accountability that drives success. Contact us today to start your EC x FutureLearn experience!

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EC x FutureLearn: How it works

EC provides the learning and support you need to be accountable for your own learning.

Course Details

Course start date: Every Monday

Recommended minimum course length: 3 weeks

Weekly schedule:

20 General English lessons (15 hours)

3 hours (minimum) FutureLearn online learning (self-study)

Review Session 'Feedback Friday' with a teacher (1.5 hours)

English level: Intermediate to Advanced

Minimum age: 16

Maximum class size: 15

Graduate with digital certificates from EC and FutureLearn by meeting all course requirements.

Students have access to FutureLearn for the length of their EC x FutureLearn course.

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