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adverbs of time

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 'It's been snowing since I got here.'

We use adverbs of time to tell us when an event happened. They are also used to tell us  how long an event lasted  and how often it happens.

For Example:

I rarely see my parents.

They have already left.

I've been working here since 2005.

Use these nine words to complete the sentences below. Use each word once:

still ago while yet since when for ever never

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  • They moved away from here many years .
  • I was young, I lived in Rome.
  • I have tried a cigarette.
  • Is she here? I want to speak to her.
  • we continue living together, things will improve.
  • He hasn't left his hometown.
  • We haven't had any problems .
  • She said she has known you a long time.
  • I've been really busy Christmas.