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G.1 - Form (How sentences are made)

Can you find any mistakes?

Average: 1.9 (227 votes)

Today's task is to take a look at the following seven sentences.  Do they have any mistakes or are they correct?

What are the mistakes? Write the correct sentences in the comments area.

Verb Forms Quiz

Average: 3.8 (299 votes)

Let's have a quick quiz to get your brain thinking on a Monday. I often notice on the comments left on this site that Englisg users have a good vocabulary but get confused over which form of a word is needed.

When learning a new word it's always good to learn an example sentence instead of just the single word. This way you will learn about how the word is used in context.

Choose the best word form in each case.

Common mistakes practice

Average: 3 (22 votes)

Here is an intermediate level challenge that will be familiar to regular visitors of the site.

Decide which word is needed in each sentence to make it correct.

The sentences are examples of common mistakes English teachers hear in lesson.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

10 Questions - Choose the right verb

Average: 3.6 (373 votes)

Hello everyone!

Quick grammar quiz for you today. Take a look at these 10 sentences and choose the correct verb.

Let me know if you get 10/10. Which ones did you get wrong?

Good luck,

Chris M.


Verb Practice

Average: 3.7 (36 votes)

Take a look at this multiple choice quiz. Practice your knowledge of verbs by choosing the correct one in each sentence.

How many did you get correct? Which ones did you slip up on (make a mistake on)?

Link: Verb Tense Review

Review Verb Tenses

Average: 3.9 (16 votes)

Everyone loves English grammar...right?

I know you think grammar is confusing and probably pretty boring, but understanding the basics is important.

The following ten questions all use simple (as in 'easy') grammar structures.  Take a few minutes to try the exercise and be sure to read each question carefully. With a little thought you should be able to get them all correct.

Verb Tense Test

Average: 3.4 (12 votes)

Look at the following sentences and type in the missing word (only one word per sentence).  Use the words in brackets to help you. 

Link: General Quiz - Time to Review

Link: Verb Collocations

Which sentences have mistakes? Part 6

Average: 3.3 (16 votes)

Take a look at the following expressions. Which ones do you think have mistakes?.

Verb Tense Review

Average: 3.9 (10 votes)

Are you a master of verb tenses? A grammar ninja? Prove it!

Test yourself with these ten sentences. Choose the appropriate verb for each one.

Try and make your answers 'all green'.

Link: Which sentences have mistakes?

Word Forms - Can you get them all correct?

Average: 3.7 (32 votes)

To learn English well it's important to review often. Take a look at the sentences and choose the correct form for each. It's all basic stuff...right?

Go! Go! Go!

Link: Choose the correct word form