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G.21.3 - Definite article with superlatives

How to form Superlatives - Elementary / Pre Intermediate

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Superlatives are the best! Or the worst…or the most confusing…or the easiest…you decide! Take the quiz and let’s see if you can solve it!

How to make superlatives

1 syllable adjectives. Add the /adj./ est.
Eg: cool = the coolest

2+ syllable adjectives. Add the most to the adjective
Eg: powerful = the most powerful

Superlatives Quiz

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How much do you know about the world? How much do you remember about superlatives? Take this test to find out!

When you have written in the correct superlative, leave your answers to the questions by adding a comment. Which countries and cities do you think are the best answers to the questions?


Lesson by Caroline Devan, an English teacher at EC Cape Town