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G.4 - Questions

Question and Answer Match

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Rufus Wainright is a singer/songwriter famous for songs such as 'Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk' and his cover of 'Hallelujah'. I really enjoy his music and his unusual voice. Here is an interview with him that appeared in UK newspaper 'The Guardian' last year. All you need to do is match the interviewer's questions with his answers. This is excellent for practising your reading comprehension. Let us know how you get on!

Interviewer's Questions

Read through these questions and think about what an example answer might be.

Wh-? Words

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The meaning of wh- question words:

When - time
Who - people
Why - reason
Where - place
Whose - possession
What - object/idea
Which - choice of alternatives

Beginner Level: Common Questions

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Can you remember how to ask these questions? In each question there is one missing word. For example:

"___is your favourite teacher?"

The missing word is who.

Only use one word for each question and use the present simple.

If you have time, tell us your answers to these questions!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Writing Practice - what is your opinion?

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I recently had a Spanish oral test and I found it really helpful to predict the questions I thought they might and then ask my friend to ask me them.

It is difficult to do a speaking lesson for an online website, but with the help of a friend it can be done!

So, your challenge is to find a friend to ask you these questions and then practise away...!

After you have done the speaking, I’d be really interested to hear some of your answers!
Lesson by Caroline

Use Wh- Questions for information

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Wh- Questions are a good way to find out more information because they cannot be answered with 'yes' or 'no'.

Let's practice using wh- question words to make questions. Choose the best word for each question.

When? = Time

Where? = Place

Who? = Person

Why? = Reason

How? = Manner (way/amount)

What? = Object

Which = Choice

Question Words - Elementary Level

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Question words include what, where, when, why, which, who, whose and how.

Complete the sentences with the correct question words. Some questions need two words.

Did you make any mistakes? Who got 10/10?

Link: Present simple vs Present Continuous - Elementary Level

Wh- Questions

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Simple lesson for you today so I expect you all to get 10/10. A big thanks to Caroline Devane at EC Cape Town English language school for taking the time to create this lesson. 

Question Revision:
In English there are two main types of questions:
*Yes or no questions
Eg. 'Do you like chocolate?'

What's the best question?

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Here's another chance to make sure you know how to correctly form questions. All you have to do is choose the correct question for each given answer. We had a similar exercise last month called ' Which question is best?' - when lots of you said you got 10/10. Can you get them all right again. Let us know how you did.

Which question is best?

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I have an Intermediate level exercise for you today. Which questions are the best match for the answers? I don't think these questions are too difficult as long as you read all the questions carefully.

Let me know how you did. Who got 10 /10? Also, tell me which questions you find confusing and myself, or another helpful user, will explain the solution. Let's help each other out as much as we can. If you can explain  another person's problem, do it!

Go team!!

Questions and Answers Match

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Take a look at the following eight answers and decide which questions are the best match.

Link: Question and Answer Match