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S.2 - Accuracy (How many mistakes you make)

Find the mistakes

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The following questions about marriage each contain one or two mistakes. Do you know what they are? Rewrite the correct sentences in the comments area. You can also read the correct sentences by clicking below the 15 sentences.

e.g. Does you believe on love at first sight?

Do you believe in live at first sight?

Ten common mistakes made by English learners

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Read through these ten example sentences. They all contain common mistakes made by English learners. Do you know what is wrong with each sentence?

Common Mistakes in Speaking and Writing

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Here are three errors that I regularly encounter inside and outside the classroom. Do you make these mistakes? Listen to yourself, and check your writing. These are some errors that are not deadly or fatal because native speakers usually understand what you mean. Because of that, they will rarely correct you. Nevertheless, these mistakes mark you as not quite as advanced or proficient in English as you may think you are.

Which sentences have mistakes? Part 6

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Take a look at the following expressions. Which ones do you think have mistakes?.

Danny: Common Mistakes Made by English Learners

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James Baldwin was an American writer and a civil rights activist who was born in 1924 and died in 1987 at the age of... well, you do the maths. He wrote a number of novels which dealt mainly with sexual and racial issues in the United States...