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V.2.7 - Clothes

Accessories Word Scramble

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I love accessories and in winter I get to wear even more of them! I have about 5 winter htas, one of which has a little face like an animal.

I need to buy some new vseglo because I’ve lost mine. I should probably get some of those ttminse they make for children, which you can attach to your coat by a string so you don’t lose them.

5 Clothes Idioms and Quiz

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Take a look at these idioms. They all use clothing vocabulary.

Clothing Idioms

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Here are some idioms which use items of clothing:

An anorak

Used to describe a boring person with an uninteresting hobby who always talks about it - they are too interested in unimportant details:

'He's such an anorak. He's always talking about the history of steam trains.'

Take one's hat off

To admire or respect someone:

'She got 100% on the test. I take my hat off to her.'