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Accidents and Injuries vocabulary

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Ouch, having an accident sucks. Complete these sentences by choosing the right answer.

Good luck and be careful out there!

Thanks to Sebastian in EC Cape Town for this lesson

Link: Health Words

  • 1. The floor is wet, you might _____.

  • 2. I got _____ by a mosquito last night.

  • 3. She has a _____ arm.

  • 4. Your room is very messy, you might _____ over all those cables.

  • 5. I hit my arm hard against the table and now I’ve got a big ____.

  • 6. He _____ the stairs, but he’s okay. Don’t worry.

  • 7. He’s so clumsy, he ____ a tree!

  • 8. While cycling he rode over a rock and ____ his bike

  • 9. He wasn’t careful and ____ his hand on the stove.

  • 10. He was outside when a bee ____ him on his leg