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Health Words

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Take a look at these ten words. They are all related to health. Using the letters, match each word to the correct definition. Type A into the correct space, not weather.

How many did you get correct? Can you use these words in your own example sentences?

A - weather
B - thermometer
C - contagious
D - injection
E - pink
F - symptom
G - treat
H - wheeze
I - cut
J - allergy

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  • 1 - When a disease can be spread from person to person by bodily contact, the disease is called .
  • 2 - When someone is feeling ill we say they are "under the ".
  • 3 - When someone is in good health we say they are "in the ".
  • 4 - An injury made to the skin by something sharp is a .
  • 5 - The verb which describes the medical care given by a doctor is .
  • 6 - An object which is used to measure body temperature is a .
  • 7 - When a liquid medicine is put into the body using a needle: .
  • 8 - Any feeling of illness which is caused by a disease: .
  • 9 - A condition that makes a person become ill because they have eaten certain foods or been near certain substances: .
  • 10 - To make a high noises while breathing because of some breathing problem: .