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Adverbial expressions 2

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Here are some adverbial expressions. This is how and when they are used.


to, in order to, in order that, so that
We had to install air conditioning to keep the offices cool in summer.
Peter went to the embassy so that he could get a visa.
Sarah phoned John in order to find out if he was available for dinner.


because of, because, since, as
We decided to stay in because of the rain.
We decided to stay in because it was raining.
Since it was Sunday all the shops were closed.
As I had gone out the night before I thought it would be better to stay in the day after.


so, so that
I woke up late so I missed the bus.
It was so hot that the drinks from the bar weren’t even cold.


when, until, while, till, after, before, whenever
I’ll stay at the office until I receive the results of the survey.
We went out when the rain stopped.
We can meet whenever you like.
She is never awake before eleven.

Adverbials Lesson 1

Lesson by Tristan, English teacher at EC Malta English school

Now select the correct adverbial for the following:

  • 1) He won't get a promotion _ he realises he is seen as too arrogant.

  • 2) I am learning Spanish _ I can have better job prospects in the future.

  • 3) We went out last night _ Peter isn’t working today.

  • 4) John has not yet got used to the cold weather in Scotland _ he used to live in Malta.

  • 5) _ the heavy snow most airports were closed.

  • 6) You see to the drinks _ I prepare the food.