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Antonyms - Choose the opposite meanings

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Take a look at these ten words and choose the opposites (antonyms).

near: "I live near here. It will only take a couple of minutes to get home."

quiet: "The house is quiet when everyone has left for work or school."

high: "She put the candy jar on the top shelf, where it is too high for the children to reach it."

dear: "The wine was nice but very dear. I can't afford to buy another bottle."

current: "This is the current edition of the magazine. It only came out this morning."

obedient: "She's a very obedient dog. She does everything we tell her."

genuine: "These designer sunglasses I bought were so cheap that it's hard to believe that they're genuine Armani."

humid: "Summer in Malaysia is hot and humid. "

forget: "I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name."

innocent:"We strongly believe that he's innocent of the crime. We do not think that he did it."


  1. loud
  2. guilty
  3. low
  4. antiquated
  5. misbehaving
  6. dry
  7. fake
  8. distant
  9. remember
  10. worthless

Use the numbers - you do not need to type in the whole word:

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  • Near:
  • Quiet:
  • High:
  • Dear:
  • Current:
  • Obedient:
  • Genuine:
  • Humid:
  • Forget:
  • Innocent: