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Do or Make - Which one for household chores?

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DO suggests an action of some kind and has a very strong connection with work.  Therefore almost all household chores use the verb “do”.  The exception is "make the beds". 


MAKE gives the idea of constructing something with your hands and creating something that wasn’t there before.  In the home you use “make” with cooking for eg.  make a cup of tea, make a cake, make a sandwich, make supper.

Fill in with the correct form of the verb (either “make” or “do”).

Today's lesson is from Milli Kubach, EC Cape Town

Link: Make, Take & Have

  • 1. I need to a lot of housework this weekend.
  • 2. I've such a mess!
  • 3. I haven’t the dishes since Monday!
  • 4. Yesterday the sun was shining, so I 4 loads of washing.
  • 5. My father enjoys the ironing!
  • 6. A: Where's Janet? B: Oh, she’s the beds.
  • 7. After every meal she the washing-up.
  • 8. Her boyfriend the drying-up.
  • 9. Our place looks spotless! We all the cleaning yesterday.
  • 10. This carpet is full of crumbs! I’ll have to the vacuuming.
  • 11. The furniture is dusty. Could you help me the dusting and polishing please?
  • 12. He had a shower, got dressed and then his bed.