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Body Idioms

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About a month ago we looked at animal idioms, now lets look at idioms that use parts of the body. For example,

"She was talking about medicine, but it all went completely over my head."

Nothing was thrown over somebody’s head! This is an expression meaning that something was too difficult for you to understand.

In the following idioms, which body part goes with which idiom. As before, please post the literal meaning of the idioms after. Enjoy!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

  • 1. My little brother is such a pain in the ___. He's always annoying me!

  • 2. University is getting more and more expensive, I think I'm going to have to pay through the ___ for it.

  • 3. She's so thin, she's practically ___.

  • 4. It takes a lot of ___ to do a bungee jump.

  • 5. I think he's so handsome, he makes me feel weak at the ___.

  • 6. I really miss him, but you know what they say, absence makes the ___ grow fonder.

  • 7. I was really frightened so I shouted at the top of my ___ for someone to come and help me.

  • 8. The twins are at each others ___ all the time, but they love each other really.

  • 9. I know you're upset, but there's no need to bite my ___ off.

  • 10. I always tell my Dad to break a ___ before he goes on stage. It's how you say 'good luck' in the theatre.