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Animal Idioms - Intermediate Level

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There are loads of idioms in the English language that include animals. Many of you will have heard of the famous 'it's raining cats and dogs', especially if you are studying in England! Of course it's not really raining cats and dogs, it's just raining a lot.

All you need to do is decide which animal from the list goes with which idiom.

Why don't you also post what the literal meaning of these idioms are! Enjoy!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

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5 Fantastic Idioms

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  • 1. My grandmother is as blind as a ___! She can't see anything!

  • 2. No, I don't have any plans today, I’m as free as a ___!

  • 3. Everything was upsetting me today, but when he said I looked fat, it was the straw that broke the ___back.

  • 4. I am young and the world is my ___!

  • 5. I'll go to a football game when ___ fly!

  • 6. My baby cousin Zoe is such a cheeky ___!

  • 7. Yes, my aunt is definitely the black ___ of the family.

  • 8. That ballerina is as graceful as a ___.