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Chat Room and SMS English

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The generation gap is a popular term used to describe differences between people of a younger generation and their elders, especially between a child and his or her parent's generation.

Once you have crossed the generation gap, you are old, out of touch and there is no way back!

Here's a good way of finding out if you are now on the other side of the generation gap:

Find a teenager and ask them to send you a text message, email or meet with them in a chat room. If they seem to be using a language that you don't understand,  you are firmly on the wrong side of the generation gap.

The reason for this is young people have their own special vocabulary. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of text speak or chat speak. Online communication in English has simplified the English language into common acronyms. For people of a certain age, they are harder to decipher than the Da Vinci Code! These are all common examples. Spend time in any chat room or on forums to see them.

How up-to-date are you, Grandma?

Chat Room and Text Speak: 10 Common Examples

LOL : Laughing out loud - used when something is funny.

ROFL : Rolling on the floor laughing - used when something is very funny.

LMAO : Laughing my ass off - again, used in a very casual way when something is very funny.

IMHO : In my humble opinion - used just before giving an opinion. Also IMO (in my opinion).

FWIW : For what it's worth - used before giving an opinion that others may or may not think is important/valid/useful.

MYOB : Mind your own business - a strong expression when you feel that someone is too interested in your personal life.

BTW : By the way - used when giving an extra piece of information as an afterthought.

BRB / BBS / BBL : Be right back / Be back soon / Be back later - all have the same meaning. The person is going away, but will soon return.

TTYL : Talk to you later - a way of signing off. Used as a way to say 'goodbye'.

WTF : What the f*** - used when something is very strange or surprising. This is strong expression and definitely not polite! We don't suggest you use it!

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