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Cooking Verbs

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I have recently been trying recipes from all over the world and this has inspired me to do a lesson on 'cooking verbs'. So thank you very much Brazil for delicious Brigadeiro! I have written some cooking verbs and their definitions below. Read through the sentences and choose the correct verb in each sentence. After you have completed the exercise, tell me what recipe I should try from your country!

Also take a look at last weeks lesson about vocabulary related to food: Word Scramble - Food!

English Cooking Verbs

(to) fry - to cook in oil, usually on the top of the oven.
(to) bake - to cook in the oven
(to) stir - to move the ingredients with a spoon.
(to) boil - to cook in hot water on the top of the oven.
(to) pour - to move a liquid from one container to another.
(to) mix - to combine ingredients together.
(to) chop - to cut with a knife.
(to) drain - to remove all the water.
(to) season - to add salt and pepper or extra flavour.
(to) peel - to take the skin from something.

What's the national dish in your country? How do you make it? Use the verbs to help.

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. ___ the carrot into small circles.

  • 2. ___ the lasagne for 30 minutes in the oven.

  • 3. After ten minutes, ___ the pasta until there is no water left. Then place the pasta into a large bowl.

  • 4. ___ the onion and throw away the skin.

  • 5. ___ the steak with salt, pepper and lemon.

  • 6. ___ the onion until it is soft, but not brown.

  • 7. Constantly ___ the mixture using a wooden spoon.

  • 8. When the mixture looks shiny, ___ it into individual ramekin dishes.

  • 9. When you have finished preparing the vegetables, ___ them together with your hands.

  • 10. ___the pasta for ten minutes, or until soft.