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Do you know these idioms with 'Get'?

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The following idioms and expressions use the verb 'get'. This word is, as you know, very common in English.

See how many of these you recognise. Anyone know them all?

Now, get on with it!!

 By Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams is a teacher at EC San Diego

Link: Irregular Verbs

  • 1. Stop bothering me! Why don’t you ___.

  • 2. My brother doesn't have to go to work tomorrow because he just ___.

  • 3. They don't know who did it, but they will ___ it.

  • 4. If he ever ___ what happened, your career will be over.

  • 5. It's getting late and we have a long trip ahead of us, so let's ___.

  • 6. Why is everyone so quiet? I need a volunteer. Who would like to ___?

  • 7. I know it's hard now, but after a few more tries, I think you'll ___ it.

  • 8. He wanted to ask his boss for a promotion, but he couldn't ___.

  • 9. I can't stand it when he leaves all the dishes in the sink. As a matter of fact, he really ___.

  • 10. If you don't ___, your going to fail all of your classes.