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Irregular Verbs

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Verbs are a very important part of learning English since every sentence must contain a subject and a verb. In addition to the base form of a verb, each verb has four principal parts which must be learned. The four principal parts are:

  1. Third person singular present tense – ends in "s".
  2. Present participle – ends in "ing".
  3. Past participle – regular form ends in "ed", irregular forms vary.
  4. Simple past – regular form ends in "ed", irregular forms vary.

As you can see, two of the four principal parts have irregular forms. Let's see how well you know the principal parts of the verbs used in the following exercise.

By Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams is a teacher at EC San Diego

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Now choose the correct sentence:

  • 1. Yesterday we ___ a picture of our family on the wall.

  • 2. We have never ___ any pictures in the office.

  • 3. I read in the paper that a man ___ himself in jail last week.

  • 4. Because of the death penalty, criminals have been ___

  • 5. Have you ever ___ off a cliff into the ocean?

  • 6. She has never ___ that song before.

  • 7. My brother needed to buy his ticket so I ___ him $300.00.

  • 8. Our teacher had ___ us home before the game started.

  • 9. The little girl ___ when she heard the news.

  • 10. Last summer we ___ in a pool that was heated.

  • 11. They have already ___ all their money.

  • 12. By the time help arrives, the boat will have ___

  • 13. She ___ the same hat last year.

  • 14. After the fight, he realized his shirt was ___

  • 15. The door ___ open from the strong gust of wind.

  • 16. I have ___ 20 miles so far today.

  • 17. The sun ___ at 6:45 this morning.

  • 18. The firefighter ___ the flag at 6:45 this morning.

  • 19. You really ___ a lot at the party last night.

  • 20. Have you ever ___ a mixed drink before?