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Education Idioms

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Here are five idioms and phrases that are useful when talking about education.

learn something by heart

To memorise something in such a way that you can say it from memory.

"I learnt the poem by heart."

with flying colours

To succeed easily, with a very high mark or grade.

"I'm confident that Jenny will pass her English exam with flying colours."

brush up on

To improve your knowledge of something already learned but partly forgotten.

"My English is getting weak. I had better brush up on it."


To try to learn a lot in a short period of time (mostly used in British English).

"Hikaru is cramming for tomorrow's IELTS exam."


We use this idiom to describe someone who is always reading.

"Maria is always reading. She's a real bookworm."

Health Words

  • 1 - We all love reading. Most of my friends are ___.

  • 2 - I plan to ___ all night for tomorrow's test.

  • 3 - I ___ up on my English before I went to the conference in London.

  • 4 - Is she ___ to play that song by heart?

  • 5 - He ___ yesterday's test with flying colours.