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English in the Kitchen

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Hey, guys.  What's cooking?

How good are you in the kitchen? Are you the kind of person who burns salad?!

Let's put your knowledge of kitchen vocabulary to the test.

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  • 1 - Something which is used to boil water for making tea/coffe:

  • 2 - An electric device for making toast:

  • 3 - 'Fridge' is the short form of

  • 4 - Which is the correct phrase:

  • 5 - Cleaning dirty dishes after a meal is known as:

  • 6 - Knives, forks and spoons are all types of:

  • 7 - A food that is used with other foods to create a dish is:

  • 8 - "Do you like to ___ cakes?"

  • 9 - A bowl that is fixed to the wall in a kitchen you wash dishes in:

  • 10 - Which one of these does not belong in a kitchen?: