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English puzzle Can you guess the missing words?

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Can you guess what the missing words are in this sentence:

"52 w___ in a y___."

Did you guess right? The correct sentence should read '52 weeks in a year'.

Take a look at the following ten sentences and try and guess the missing words (click on show answers to see the answers):

  1. 4 s___ in a y___.
  2. 30 d___ in S___.
  3. 32 t___ in a m___.
  4. 26 l___ in the E___ a___.
  5. 50 s___ on the A___ f___.
  6. 206 b___ in the h___ b___.
  7. 88 k___ on a p___.
  8. 52 c___ in a p___ of p___ c___.
  9. 11 p___ in a f___ t___.
  10. 44 P___ of A___.

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