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Can you find these ten mistakes?

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Here are ten sentences. Each one has a mistake. What are the ten mistakes? As you read the sentences, think about grammar, spelling, parts of speech and word forms.

Write your answers in the comments area below.

1 - This trousers are too tight for me.

2 - Have you ever seeing a monkey in the wild?

3 - She's been living in London since six months.

4 - Its much colder today than yesterday.

5 - Driving in bad weather can be danger.

6 - We are begining to see more and more birds in our garden.

7 - Are their more of those biscuits?

Springtime? It’s travel time!

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Even though spring starts with the months of March and April, May can be seen as the peak of this fresh and delightful season.

Most flowers are in bloom, the birds sing in the trees and many of us can finally sit outside without our jackets.

Reading for information - Superlative chart - Elementary level

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Choices, choices, choices...superlatives are great for these! Practice your superlatives by looking at the information table below and completing the sentences.

INFORMATION Live@Five Rafiki’s Internet Hot Wire Internet


Unscramble these Sentences

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Rearrange the words to create the correct sentences. Write the sentences in the spaces below.

Capitalize the first letter of the first word in each sentence, and end with the appropriate punctuation marks.

1. borrow/I/may/that book/you/from

2. going to/he/Saturday/is/the shopping mall/on

3. the airport/him/will/at/Linda/meet/noon/at

Do you think you can answer this riddle?

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Is this a well-known riddle in your country? Can you answer it? Let's see how logical your lovely brain is!

(click on show 'answer below' for the answer)

Riddle: Do you know the answer to this horse race question?

Average: 2.4 (35 votes)

Put on your thinking-caps because it's time for another classic puzzle; can you answer it? Click on 'show answer' for the answer

(click on show 'answer below' for the answer)

Danny's 'Do you want to learn English'?

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English teachers are a bit like snowflakes.

Okay, so the above sentence is probably not the most lucid way to start an article, and on the universal scale of clarity, where one is the sound of a finely-tuned church bell on a crystal-clear summer morning and ten is an explanation of quadratic equations translated from Japanese into Russian by a Scottish sheep herder, it would probably fall somewhere between an eight and a nine… but let me explain myself...

Riddle of the Sphinx

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Those of you familiar with Greek mythology may know the answer to this one. This is the riddle that the Sphinx asked Oedipus. Oedipus could answer it ...can you?

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What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?

English Riddle - What's the answer?

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Read the following riddle (puzzle) and guess the answer. Click on 'Show Answer' to solve the riddle:

A cowboy arrives into town on Friday, stay two days, and then leaves on Friday. How?

Puzzle - What's the answer?

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Read the following riddle (puzzle) and guess the answer. Click on 'Show Answer' to solve the riddle:

One day 2 fathers and 2 sons went fishing. They caught 1 fish each, but they only had a total of 3 fish. How was this possible?