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Springtime? It’s travel time!

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Even though spring starts with the months of March and April, May can be seen as the peak of this fresh and delightful season.

Most flowers are in bloom, the birds sing in the trees and many of us can finally sit outside without our jackets.

This time of year is just right for an outing, a romantic getaway or an adventure trip: it's a new season, so why not try something different?

You can't choose a better time of year to visit Holland, where the fields of flowers are sure to dazzle you with their fabulous colours, or Paris – a springtime destination favourite. If you're passionate about art and culture, then you'd be spoilt for choice in Madrid, Florence and Berlin with all those galleries and museums!

For those of you who are after an adventure of a lifetime, then the North American countryside would be right up your street. If you fancy a holiday that saves on accommodation, consider a camping trip – a tent can be quite comfortable if the weather is mild...although nowadays you can find a cabin with home comforts and camping sites offering a great range of amenities!

Lesson by Krista

Now choose the correct definition of these words:

  • 1. Peak means:

  • 2. In bloom means:

  • 3. Outing means:

  • 4. Getaway means:

  • 5. To dazzle means:

  • 6. Spoilt for choice means:

  • 7. Right up your street means:

  • 8. Amenities means: