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Go, Do, Play - Sports Collocations

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Hi everyone, here's some sports collocations for you!

Go is generally used for sports and activities ending in –ing (but not always).
"Let's go skiing this winter."

Do is generally used for individual sports and fighting sports.
"My son can do Judo."

Play is generally used for team sports, games and ball games.
"Who wants to play soccer with me?"

Simply choose the correct options and good luck.

Lesson by Seb, teacher at EC Cape Town English school.

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  • 1. I ___ football.

  • 2. My friend ___ karate.

  • 3. She ___ hockey.

  • 4. Mike Tyson used to ___ boxing.

  • 5. After work I like to ___ cycling.

  • 6. My girlfriend ___ tennis in the afternoon.

  • 7. For fitness, Jeremy ___ athletics.

  • 8. In winter people ___ ice skating.

  • 9. I ___ golf.

  • 10. People ___ tae-kwon-do in South Korea.