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'Make' and 'Do' Collocations - pre-intermediate level

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Hi everyone! It's time for collocations today.


Make is generally used for when we create something new.
"When it snows we make a snowman."

Do is generally used for activities.
"I do my homework when I get home."

Choose the correct option and good luck!

By Sebastian E'Silva, teacher at EC Cape Town English School

Link: Collocations - learn correct English

  • 1. I normally ___ my best.

  • 2. She ____ business in the U.S.A.

  • 3. I try not to ____ mistakes in a test.

  • 4. My friend often ____ research for her university.

  • 5. I'm quite fit, I ____ a lot of exercise at a gym.

  • 6. My sister always ____ stupid excuses!

  • 7. My lazy friend often asks me to ___ him a favour.

  • 8. I'm studying hard so I can ___ more money in the future.

  • 9. Can I ___ a phone call, please?

  • 10. My wife normally ____ the cooking, because I'm terrible at it!