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How to use Sense Verbs

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When describing how someone (or something) looks, feels, sounds tastes or smells, we use adjectives.

Look, feel, sound taste and smell are all sense verbs. Here are some examples of sense verbs in action:
"You look angry."
"Her perfume smells nice."
"I feel tired."

The simple rule is: subject + sense verb + adjective.

When we want to describe a subject using a noun, we must use like:

"She looks like a cat."
"This shampoo smells like coconut."
"It feels like an oven in this room! Open a window."

Use this link for more information on sense verbs

Link: Verb Tense Review

  • My coffee ___ a little strange.

  • Do you ___ happy when it snows?

  • Dark chocolate often ___ bitter.

  • These flowers smell ___.

  • The laundry ___ dry now. Let's bring it in.

  • Her new car ___ a spaceship!

  • They all ___ fun guys.