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Idioms of the day: "Bear with us!" & "Flat out"

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Today's vocabulary comes from BBC News "Hung parliament: Bear with us, urges Nick Clegg"

"Nick Clegg has asked people to "bear with us" as the Lib Dems and the Tories enter a third day of negotiations.

The Lib Dem leader said the parties were "working flat out" to agree on a new government after the UK general election resulted in a hung parliament."

There's two useful idioms for us to take a look at here:

bear with someone or something

To be patient with someone or something; to wait while someone does something.

"Bear with me for a moment while I look for your paperwork."
"Can you bear with them until they've finished their meeting? I'm sure they'll be ready soon."

flat out

When someone or something is doing something flat out, they are doing it as fast and with as much energy as they can. It is often used with 'to do something'. It is often related to work.

"The designers have been working flat out to get the project finished on time."
"We worked flat out all weekend to get this finished for you."

Now write two example sentences using 'bear with' and 'flat out'

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