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Job Review - Beginners / Elementary

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I have written ten descriptions of jobs bellow but I have scrambled up the letters of the job titles. Can you rewrite them correctly? What job would you like to do? Or what job are you doing at the moment? Here's another question for you, what job do you think is the best job in the world? Take care! Caroline

1. A wyeral is someone who fights for people's rights in a court.
2. A fceh is someone who makes delicious food in a restaurant.
3. A drehiarsser is someone who cuts people’s hair.
4. An ctora is someone who works on movies or in theatre.
5. A codrot is someone who helps people when they are sick.
6. A retecah is someone who helps people to learn a subject.
7(a) An cinatiop is someone who checks the health of peoples eyes. (b) In America they are called topomrtesits.
8. A ioplt is someone who flies planes.
9. A rebplmu is someone who fixes someone's pipes.
10. A cinamuis is someone who plays an instrument or sings.

Business English - Confused in the workplace

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