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Learn English Idioms

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Idioms. There are thousands of them! Pick up a newspaper or watch a TV show and you'll find them everywhere. Let's see how many of these idioms you are familiar with. Choose the correct word to complete each idiom. 

Link: Practice Idioms

  • Instead of saying 'good luck', we can also say:

  • When something is untidy/disorganised it is "all over the ___".

  • When you are too late to take advantage of an opportunity, you "miss the ___".

  • The idiom for 'pay attention' is "wake up and smell the ___".

  • When someone makes trouble, they "make ___".

  • "The ___ race" is hard, competitive working life.

  • If you "rub ___" with people, you meet and spend time with them, especially when they are powerful or famous.

  • When the "___ are turned", the situation has changed giving the advantage to the those who had been at a disadvantage.

  • If you are "___ tired", you are very tired.

  • When someone is "dressed to ___", they are dressed very smartly.