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Learn new nouns: A to H

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We're nearing the end of our A-Z series. We've looked at some new verbs and some new adjectives, now it's time to look at nouns! Look at the sentences and decide which noun fits in each gap. Then make your own sentences, or see if you can list some more nouns that begin with the same letter. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline


  • Agreement - a promise or a contract made with somebody
  • Bomb - a weapon designed to explode
  • Crowd - a large number of people gathered together in a public place
  • Discussion - the process of discussing somebody/something; a conversation about somebody/something
  • Expert - a person with special knowledge
  • Fact - something that is know to be true
  • Ghost -  the spirit of a dead person; a spirit
  • Honesty - the state of being honest

Part 2 - I to P

Choose the correct noun to complete each sentence:

  • 1. The police evacuated the station because they suspected that there was a ___ on the platform.

  • 2. The company needs to employ an ___ in finances because none of the current staff have the necessary skills.

  • 3. I thought we had made an ___ that you wouldn't give the children chocolate anymore?

  • 4. The children ran from the old house because they were convinced they had seen a ___.

  • 5. I really respect ___ I strongly dislike people who don't tell me the truth.

  • 6. The ___ is that we have very little control over our destiny. We just have to see where life takes us!

  • 7. The ___ of people watching the tennis was huge!

  • 8. A ___ was held about the crisis situation in central Africa.