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Adjectives List: A to H

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Over the past few weeks we have been posting exercises to help you improve your vocabulary and learn new verbs. Now it’s time to focus on the adjectives! Here are 8 new describing words, from A-H. Try to match the adjective to the sentence. Good luck!

Adjective List

Accurate - able to produce results that are correct; not making mistakes.
Baggy - very loose; not tight - used to describe clothing.
Calm - not angry, upset, excited, etc.
Daunting - something that makes people afraid or less confident; very difficult to do or deal with.
Ecstatic - very happy or excited.
Faint - feeling weak and dizzy.
Gifted - having great natural ability.
Harmful - causing or capable of causing damage or harm

I - P Adjectives

Q - Z Adjectives

Now complete the sentences with the correct adjective:

  • 1. Don’t panic, please stay ___ and focus on your breathing.

  • 2. Do not eat that, it may be ___ for pregnant women.

  • 3. I am completely ___ I got my dream job!

  • 4. The measurements need to be extremely ___ otherwise the furniture will not fit.

  • 5. Why are your trousers so ___? Have you lost weight?

  • 6. Emily is a very ___ musician. She plays the violin and the cello beautifully.

  • 7. Starting a new school can be a very ___ experience for young people.

  • 8. I feel a bit ___ I need to sit down. Could you bring me some water please?