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Adjectives List: I to P

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Here is part two of our A-Z of adjectives. How many of these adjectives do you recognise? Try to fit the adjectives into the sentences below. Can you make your own sentences with the adjectives provided? Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

Adjective List

Identical - looking the same as something else.
Jealous - wanting what someone else has.
Knotty - to have a knot in something.
Laidback - relaxed personality.
Majestic - having or showing great beauty or dignity
Naughty - bad behaviour.
Obligatory - something you must do.
Paternal - behave like a father.

Adjectives: A to H

Q - Z Adjectives

Choose the correct missing word in each sentence:

  • 1. James is very ___ of Adam because he has the bike he wants!

  • 2. It is ___ to attend the senior staff training and if you are not able to then unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you employment.

  • 3. Stop being ___ and put your toys away like I asked you to!

  • 4. The Taj Mahal is ___. It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

  • 5. My back is so ___. Can you give me a massage?

  • 6. I have an ___ twin, but we don't look so similar since she died her hair brown.

  • 7. Erika is one of the most ___ people I have ever met. She never seems to get stressed.

  • 8. Since we found out that I'm pregnant, my husband has become really ___.