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Adjective List: Q to Z

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Here's the last lesson in our A to Z of adjectives! As always, I hope you'll find some that you recognise and some that you need to learn.

Look at the sentences and decide which adjective fits in each sentence.

To finish, see if you can make your own sentences with the adjectives that are new to you. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline


Queasy - having a sick feeling in the stomach.
Restful - peaceful and quiet in a way that makes you relax.
Sober - not drunk.
Tricky - difficult to do.
Upbeat - positive and cheerful : happy and hopeful.
Vain - too proud of your own appearance.
Wholesome - good for your health.
Xenophobic - fear or hatred of strangers or people from foreign counties.
Yummy - (informal) delicious.
Zany - very strange and silly.

A - H Adjectives

I - P Adjectives

Now choose the best adjective in each sentence:

  • 1. I was the only ___ one at the party, everyone else was so drunk.

  • 2. Learning to ride a bike can be a bit ___ be patient with your child.

  • 3. Travelling by boat makes me really ___, so I avoid it when I can.

  • 4. Those cakes you made yesterday were so ___. Do you think you could make them for my birthday?

  • 5. You have to be quite ___ to be a kids TV presenter.

  • 6. I'm trying to stay ___ about the whole situation, there’s no point getting miserable about something I can't change.

  • 7. Adam is so ___, he spends an hour in front of the mirror every morning.

  • 8. That man is disgustingly ___, he says he 'doesn't trust foreigners'.

  • 9. We are going to Centre Parcs for a holiday because it is so ___. There's no pressure to do anything.

  • 10. There are ___ ingredients in every one of our products.