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Learn 7 Phrasal Verbs

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Time for some phrasal verb fun! Here are five for you to learn. Complete the sentence using the correct verb and remember to change the tense when necessary.

slip up - to make a mistake/an error

pick out - to choose

nod off - to fall asleep

close down - to close a place forever/permanently

zone out - to stop paying attention

get away - to escape

iron out - to discuss a problem until it is solved

Link: Phrasal Verb Quiz

  • I heard that the sports shop is on Friday. They're having a big sale now.
  • I scored 9 out of 10. I only on one question.
  • Let's try and all these problems in tomorrow's meeting.
  • I was so tired that I in my chair and started snoring!
  • Take a look at my record collection and something you want to listen to.
  • Can you say that again? I wasn't listening. I for a moment?
  • The bank robbers with $1 million dollars.