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Linking words 3

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Here are some common linking words:

And links two similar ideas. But links two different ideas:
He went out and had a lovely time. He’s worked in marketing and communications.
She wanted to buy a car but she didn’t have enough money.

Either/or link alternatives:
We could either go to the cinema or to a restaurant.

To / in order to show intention or purpose:
He moved to Boston to study.

Because shows reason:
They arrived late because of traffic.

As, when, while, since, before, after, as soon as show time:
The phone rang as I entered. He was taking notes while he was speaking. I’ve learnt a lot since I arrived. Come as soon as you can.

So that / such…that / so…that show a result.
The news was so bad that she started crying. It was such a hot day that we spent the day on the beach. He worked extra hours so that he could go on holiday.

Although links contrasts:
I like cooking, although I’m not very good at it.

Lesson by Tristan

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Use the right linking word or phrase to connect these sentences:

  • 1. She was cooking ___ the children were doing their homework.

  • 2. He went to live in France ___ study design.

  • 3. There was ___ much traffic ___ I was an hour late.

  • 4. I was happy ___ I had done well in the exam.

  • 5. We could ___ go to the park ___ to the zoo.

  • 6. I just went straight to bed ___ I got home.

  • 7. ___ he had a good salary, he never had enough money.

  • 8. I’d like to go to Rome ___ see the monuments ___ I have very little free time.