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Marriage - Reading and Vocabulary

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Read through the paragraphs and complete them with the correct missing words. I recommend reading the whole paragrpah once, then reading it again while trying to choose the right vocabulary.

Jack and Diane met at university. It was a case of love at first _1_. It was a whirlwind romance; they _2_ for just 3 months before getting engaged. Although Diane's parents were surprised that Diane had decided to tie the _3_ so soon (and at such a young age), they trusted her to make the right decision. Jack was nervous meeting them for the first time, but that's natural, meeting your future _4_ can be a nerve-wracking experience. Diane's parents took an instant shine to Jack and they were touched to hear that he had gotten down on one knee when he _5_ to her. 6 months after their first date, Diane and Jack got _6_. They didn't have a large wedding _7_, instead they got married at the local registry office and had a small _8_, for family and close fiends, in the local pub. Because they were both still busy with university, they didn't have the time or money for a big _9_. They made do with a weekend in the countryside.

Twenty years, and 3 children later, Jack and Diane today celebrate their 20th wedding _10_. Few of their friends are as happily married as Jack and Diane, in fact, many are of their friends are separated or even _11_. The happy couple say there is no secret to their successful marriage, they just both feel lucky to have found each other.

A - knot / B - anniversary / C - in-laws / D - proposed / E - ceremony / F - divorced / G - reception / H - sight / I - honeymoon / J - married / K - dated

IMPORTANT: Type the letters of the keywords into the spaces below. Do not type in each missing word. For example: Type in 'A' not 'Knot'.

Reading: wedding and vocabulary match exercise



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