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Noun or Adjective Quiz

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Using an adjective in a sentence when you should use a noun will make your English sound strange. Let's try cuting down on your errors by taking this short quiz. For each question you have two options. Choose either the adjective or noun form. 

It's imprtant to read the questions carefully. All the information you need to make the right choice is right there. Perhaps you were unaware of the 'other' form of the word, so this is a good chance to learn some new vocab. As good English learners, you should be keeping a notebook of new words. Make sure you write any new words in your notebboks (write down the whole sentence because that makes it easier to learn the word).

So how many did you get?

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  • 1 - Her ___ is beyond belief sometimes.

  • 2 - They have a child of above average ___.

  • 3 - He left his country to avoid the widespread ___ there.

  • 4 - She was taken to hospital when she became ___.

  • 5 - They had a new garage built at great ___.

  • 6 - That chair doesn't look ___?

  • 7 - My third attempt at making bread was a bit more ___.

  • 8 - I can't work in this ___ without air conditioning.

  • 9 - Do you believe in life after ___?

  • 10 - They have a very ___ house.