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Noun with preposition

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Some nouns are followed by specific prepositions. For example the noun relationship is always followed by with.
E.g. "She has a really good relationship with her mother."

In the following sentences, can you decide which preposition we need to use? Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

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Now use the correct combinations to make your own example sentences.

  • 1. I really need a BREAK ___ drinking alcohol!

  • 2. Her skin has a really bad REACTION __ the sun.

  • 3. There has been a huge RISE ___ food prices recently.

  • 4. I think I have an ADDICTION ___ chocolate.

  • 5. I have huge RESPECT ___ my teachers at school, now I know how hard it can be!

  • 6. I went on a date on Tuesday and I felt a real CONNECTION ___ him.

  • 7. I had no CONTROL ___ the England team losing that game!

  • 8. There was a huge SEARCH ___ my missing camera, but nobody found it.

  • 9. She caused huge DAMAGE ___ his car when she crashed into it.

  • 10. I didn't think there was any REASON ___ him to shout at me.