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Phrasal Verb: Let Down

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rub it in

This cartoon looks at two meanings of let down.

Definitions of let down

Let down - When you let something down, you deflate it (let the air out of it).

"You have put too much air in your car tires. You should let them down a little."
"We let down the air mattress before we left the beach."

Let down - When you let somebody down, you disappoint them.

"You are coming to the party - you won't let me down, will you?"
"I felt like I let down my parents when I failed my exam."

  • 1 - I felt very ___ down because he didn't call me.

  • 2 - Her attitude really let ___ down.

  • 3 - Thanks for ___ us down gently.

  • 4 - There's too much air in the tyre. Let ___ down a little.

  • 5 - I'm sorry if I let ___ down.

  • 6 - Try not to let ___ down again