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Phrasal verbs for transport

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Today we have part-three in our look at transport. Here we focus on phrasal verbs. Thanks to Sebastian at EC Cape Town another great exercise.

Many phrasal verbs use prepositions like into, out of and onto. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option. Good luck, hope you find this useful!

Link: Part 1 - Adjectives for Transport
Link: Part 2 - Transport Verbs

  • 1. She _____ the train and went the rest of the way home by bus.

  • 2. I was driving on Long Street, then I _____ Church Street and saw the EC building.

  • 3. He parked his car and ____.

  • 4. We ______ the train and sat down.

  • 5. My shopping bags were _____ the car by my husband.

  • 6. When I _____ a bus I like to sit near the front.

  • 7. I called a taxi and ____.