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Possessive Adjectives (Elementary/Pre- Intermediate)

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An adjective is a word which give us more information about a nonun. Car is a noun, big is an adjective.

"That is a big car."

Possessive Adjective

My is an adjective. In this sentence, It shows who the cars belong to.

"That is my car."

Which possessive adjective should we use in each sentence? Use the words in brackets to help you.

Link: Test your pronoun knowledge

Lesson by Adele, EC Cape Town English language schools

  • 1. Where are (you) parents from? Their accent’s different from yours.
  • 2. Mom, have you seen (I) other shoe?
  • 3. Deidre is moving to America with (she) family.
  • 4. (She) daughter is a ballerina.
  • 5. (He) car is giving him problems.
  • 6. (I) husband and I want to have another baby.
  • 7. (They) dogs dig holes in our garden every single day.
  • 8. My family is spending Christmas with my sister and (she) family this year.
  • 9. (We) summers can be excruciatingly hot!!!
  • 10. Wamaitha and her friend have just finished moving into the neighbourhood. Do you see that red roof? That’s where (they) house is.