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Words starting with 'Un'

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When we add the prefix ‘un’ to a word, we give the word the opposite meaning. For example:
Clean - very tidy and neat
Unclean - not very tidy and neat!

In the following sentences, which word beginning with ‘un’ is needed? Use the letters, don't type in the words!

A. unsurprising
B. undecided
C. unadventurous
D. uncanny
E. unwanted
F. unnoticed
G. undesirable
H. unaffordable
I. unthinkable
J. unpack

Can you think of any more words beginning with ‘un’? Write some example sentences.

Link: Prefix and Suffix Practice

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I'm very ___ I never want to bungee jump or climb a mountain!
  • 2. I really don’t want to ___! I just want to go to the beach and enjoy my holiday!
  • 3. To be honest, I think the fact that Sarah is dating James is __. I always thought they would make a nice couple.
  • 4. The resemblance between Philippa and her sister is ___. They look exactly the same!
  • 5. I still don't know whether I want to go to university in Cardiff or Brighton. I'm completely ___.
  • 6. The fact that I was crying went completely___, which made me feel even worse.
  • 7. The clothes from that designer shop are ___. It's ridiculous!
  • 8. The ___ has happened. Another war has begun.
  • 9. I brought beer and coke to the party, but the coke was ___.
  • 10. Her character is ___ for this company. We are looking for people who work well in a team and I don’t think she does.