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Prepositions: in, on, at - Level: beginner/elementary

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Here's a basic look at prepositions. Sometimes even high-level English learners can forget which prepositions to use. This will be a good chance to review for some of you.

Complete these sentences using in, on, or at:

When you have finished write your own example sentences today's prepositions.

Todays lesson is by Nasreen Narkedien, Cape Town English language school.

Link: Adjectives + Prepositions


  • 1. I wake up six o’clock.
  • 2. I left your book the table.
  • 3. She put her phone her bag.
  • 4. He stayed home yesterday.
  • 5. Where’s Kim? She’s the kitchen.
  • 6. We’ll see them Thursday.
  • 7. I left my bag Alan’s house.
  • 8. Please write your name the list.
  • 9. I live South Africa.
  • 10. Would you like to eat that Italian restaurant.