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Prepositions Practice

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Look at the pictures above. Do you recognise any of these designer label logos? What brand does each logo represent? Do you any item designed by any of the above designers? Do you think it is worth buying designer products or is it a waste of money? Why/ Why not? What is the difference between a high-street brand (e.g. Marks and Spencer) and a designer brand? Is there a difference in their products? If you have won the lottery, would you buy designer items?

Lesson by Siba, EC London English school


Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m a shopaholic. I haven’t been able to shop recently. The reason for this is there has been a sharp rise in prices. I asked my mum to send me a cheque for 3, 000 pounds. She refused and said I had no need for new clothes. The advantage of the recession, my mum said, was that I have been spending more time doing more useful things, such as studying. I don’t agree though. I see the recession as a huge mess where I am forced to stay at home and do boring activities. But I guess there is an advantage in staying at home. I’ve spent more time reading and have concentrated on improving my Finnish. N.B we only use advantage to doing something. E.g. There is an advantage to staying at home.


  • Rebecca isn’t a shopaholic.
  • Rebecca asked her mum to send her a cheque for 3, 000 dollars.
  • Her mum sent her the cheque.
  • There are no advantages in staying at home.
  • Rebecca has been improving her Finnish.

Grammar Practice

Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition:

  • 1 - The train was late but nobody knew the reason ____ the delay.
  • 2 - Last year, there was a big rise ____ sales.
  • 3 - Can you please be quiet?! I can't concentrate ____ the film.
  • 4 - There's no excuse for behaviour like that. There's no need ____ it.
  • 5 - They sent me a cheque ___ 150 pounds.