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Reading for Information Practice

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Today you are going to do some reading for information. Use the link below to read about a new activity for students at EC London. Answer all the questions. How well can you understand the info?

This link opens a new window: EC London Blog - EC London’s Breakfast club!


Link: Another lesson on understanding written text


  • 1 - Students can join Breakfast Club on Mondays.

  • 2 - Students must sign up in advance for Breakfast Club.

  • 3 - Students will discuss...

  • 4 - Breakfast Club is free but students have to pay for their own food and drinks.

  • 5 - Students will act out scenes from a film called Breakfast Club.

  • 6 - Students of any English level can attend on Tuesdays.

  • 7 - This activity is particularly useful for...