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Reading Practice - Understanding Written Text

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Reading the following news story then answer the questions to check your understanding.

Rock star Sting has used his latest visit to Brazil to urge the government there to listen to the concerns of indigenous peoples over a proposed new hydro-electric dam in the Amazon.

The former Police frontman has flown to the country to address the proposals for the megastructure, known as the Belo Monte project, which will be the third largest dam of its kind in the world.

British pop star Sting says Brazil's government should listen to the voices of local indigenous groups before building a massive hydroelectric dam in the Amazon rain forest.

He was speaking at a press conference in Sao Paulo where he was reunited with indigenous leader Raoni Metyktire who joined him in a similar campaign 20 years ago which attracted worldwide attention.

Indigenous tribes in the Amazon say the Belo Monte project poses a threat to their way of life. The dam will flood much of their land making hunting and fishing in the area difficult. 

Brazilian officials say the dam is needed to meet the energy demands of its growing economy, while environmentalists say it will swallow rain forest, kill off native fish and displace thousands.

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  • The dam hasn't been built yet.

  • Local tribal people want the dam built in their area.

  • Raoni Metyktire is:

  • The dam will:

  • The Brazilan government want to increase the amount of ___ in Brazil.

  • Based on the article, Sting can be described as: